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Royal Park Medical

Following a fitout of Melton Super clinic, EPI was invited to design the new North Melbourne clinic. as an integrated fitout, EPI worked closely with the bae building architect to integrate the clinic facilities into the building core.

This new clinic included nine consultanting rooms, a three bed treatment/ procedure room and supporting facilities.

The design of the clinic promoted safey for both patient and staff like. Patient areas include a large reception area, flexible waiting area and children play pens with direct access to to the consulting rooms. The treatment area is made accessible to the medical staff with card access for the safety of the staff, patients and the public. The front of house staff area is provide with a secure zone while maintaining visual contact over the public area providing clear means of interaction and security for patient care planning. The back of house staff area houses the staff amenities, meeting rooms and a secure open plan administration area.

Each of the consulting rooms are designed to provide direct access to natural light with a particular emphasis to ergonomic considerations.

With staff training as a core value of the clinic, the staff area I provided with a multifunctional space with A/V setup for training purposes.

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